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At VRU, we understand the critical importance of meticulous preparation and comprehensive documentation in the tendering process for facade work. Our tendering services are designed to ensure transparency, fairness, and compliance with local regulations, facilitating successful project procurement.

Our Approach

  • Facade Tender Drawings Package: We elaborately prepare tender drawings that provide detailed specifications and instructions for prospective bidders. These drawings include Architectural, Structural, and technical details necessary for accurate pricing and execution. Our goal is to provide clear guidance to contractors, ensuring consistency and accuracy in their bids.
  • Facade Technical Performance Specifications: Our team develops technical performance specifications that outline the quality standards and performance requirements for the facade work. These specifications cover aspects such as material specifications, installation methods, and performance criteria, ensuring that all bidders have a clear understanding of project expectations.
  • Bill of Quantities (BOQ): We provide a comprehensive Bill of Quantities (BOQ) that itemizes the quantities of materials, labor, and other resources required for the facade construction. This detailed document enables accurate cost estimation by contractors and facilitates effective cost management throughout the project lifecycle.
  • Technical Prequalification Review: Prior to the tendering process, we conduct a thorough review and evaluation of contractor qualifications to ensure that only competent and qualified bidders participate. Our prequalification review process assesses factors such as past experience, technical capabilities, financial stability, and adherence to safety and quality standards.
  • Draft of Conditions of Contract: We prepare a draft of the conditions of contract, which outlines the legal and contractual terms and conditions governing the facade works. This document protects the interests of all parties involved and provides a framework for project execution, ensuring clarity and accountability throughout the procurement process.
  • Instructions to Bidders / Technical and Commercial Comparative Matrix: We provide clear instructions to bidders, outlining the bidding process, submission requirements, and evaluation criteria. Additionally, we prepare a comparative matrix that enables clients to evaluate bids based on technical and commercial aspects, facilitating informed decision-making and selection of the most suitable contractor.
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At VRU, our goal during the concept design phase is to lay a strong foundation for the facade design, ensuring that it not only enhances the building’s aesthetics but also optimizes performance, durability, and cost-effectiveness.