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Facade Contractor Review

At VRU, our commitment to excellence extends beyond the design phase to encompass thorough review and approval processes for facade contractors. Through the review of VMU & PMU, we ensure that facade installations meet the highest standards of visual and performance quality, delivering exceptional results for our clients.

VMU & PMU Service:

  • Visual and Performance Mock-Up Review: Following the award of the project, our VMU & PMU service entails reviewing and approving visual and performance mock-ups. These mock-ups serve as demonstrations for the final facade installation, allowing us to assess aesthetic and functional aspects before full-scale implementation.
  • Mock-Up Testing Oversight: We oversee the testing process for visual and performance mock-ups, ensuring that they meet the specified criteria and performance standards. Our team documents the results of these tests in a comprehensive performance mock-up test observation report, providing valuable insights for project stakeholders.

Contractor Design Review and Approval:

  • Meticulous Drawing and Calculation Assessment: In addition to mock-up reviews, we meticulously assess drawings and Structural calculations submitted by the contractor. Our rigorous evaluation process ensures alignment with approved mock-up drawings and project specifications, minimizing discrepancies and ensuring construction accuracy.
  • Comprehensive Deliverables: Our deliverables include review and approval of system drawings, shop drawings, and sample boards. By properly scrutinizing these documents, we verify the quality and suitability of materials, construction methods, and structural integrity, thereby safeguarding project integrity and performance.
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At VRU, our goal during the concept design phase is to lay a strong foundation for the facade design, ensuring that it not only enhances the building’s aesthetics but also optimizes performance, durability, and cost-effectiveness.