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Conceptual Design

During concept design VFEPL provides the design inputs during early schematic stage to the architect’s team, which helps in evaluating the performance criteria of the façade. This includes evaluating the feasibility of the design options, which could avoid surprises in the later phase of the design, such as conditions where facade could not be practically workable or its installation could incur high cost. With our involvement in the early design stages.


  • Review and Understanding of the Architectural drawings pertaining to the feasibility of the façade deign intent.
  • Calculation of wind pressure based on local wind code & review of wind tunnel test report wherever required.
  • Review of Architectural façade modulation w.r.t. market availability of the materials used, considering the wastage factor.
  • Proposing the suitable façade system
  • Conceptual design brief report

Design Development

During this stage we develop typical façade design details for all the façade elements involved in the project, in accordance with structural integrity, local code requirements, smoke and fire stop, air and water infiltration, etc.


  • Typical façade system design details ( Elevations, Plans, Sections, Part Elevations and Details )
  • Façade budgetary cost Estimation
  • Project Specific Design Brief Report


We prepare a set of Tender drawing and contract documents for the façade work, to be issued as Tenders to the participating Bidders. This includes façade system details of each and every Façade Wall type , technical performance specifications, Bill of Quantities and Conditions Of Contract. We provide the draft of the General and Special Conditions of Contract in accordance with local norms. The Tendering set has sufficient information regarding the façade scope and performance. We review the tenders submitted by Bidders and prepare a Technical and Commercial Comparatives Matrix, thus providing a clear picture for the Client, for selecting the suitable Façade Contractor. We participate in Technical Tender interview for assessing the Bidders understanding of the project.


  • Façade Tender Drawings Package
  • Facade technical performance specification
  • Bill of Quantities
  • Technical Prequalification review
  • Draft of Conditions Of contract
  • Instructions to Bidders
  • Technical Comparative Matrix
  • Commercial Comparative Matrix

Façade Contractor Review

VMU & PMU –Review and Approval After the award of project, we review and approve the Visual and Performance Mock-up shop drawings, witness the Mock-up testing process and document the results.


  • Review and Approval of visual mock-up drawings.
  • Review and Approval of Performance mock-up drawings.
  • Performance mock-up test observation report
  • Design Review and Approval

Contractor Design Review and Approval

At this stage we review and Approval the drawings and Structural Calculations submitted by the Contractor in accordance to the approved mock-up drawing and specifications.


  • Review and Approval of system drawings
  • Review and Approval of shop drawing and structural calculations
  • Review and Approval of sample Boards of all materials


We conduct inspections and Audits ( Factory & Site ) during the façade work Execution. We prepare inspection Reports with our recommendations for the process from fabrication, assembly, Installation and field testing.


  • Factory Inspection Report
  • Site Inspection Report
  • On site Test Obstruction Report
  • Glass Processor Factory Inspection